Edugate Preschool is a free, home-school curriculum. It acts as a a minimal, yet comprehensive guide for teachers to build a world with their students that is delightful and enlightening. It stands alone as an educational tool or can be used alongside any other curriculum. It is a framework for engaging rich conversations and experiences.

Preschool was written for children 3 – 6 years old and their teacher(s), nonetheless all are welcome to use the content for their own benefit and discretion. At the preschool age, we start with the ABC’s or square one. Edugate invites the student/teacher to start from this point and together remain on a path of learning and experiencing the world from the eyes of a brand new person. At Edugate e

veryone learns and unlearns; sees and sees again the world within and around us.

The Hundred Languages of Children
The child
is made of one hundred.
The child has
a hundred languages
a hundred hands
a hundred thoughts
a hundred ways of thinking
of playing, of speaking.
A hundred always a hundred
ways of listening
of marveling of loving
a hundred joys
for singing and understanding
a hundred worlds
to discover
a hundred worlds
to dream.
The child has
a hundred languages
(and a hundred hundred hundred more)
– excerpt from poem by Loris Malaguzzi (Founder of the Reggio Emilia Approach)

Preschool Daily Schedule

星期一 (Monday)
Martes (Tuesday)
Mercredi (Wednesday)
Четверг (Thursday)
(Friday) الجمعة
ASL Saturday & Sunday

  • AM Breakfast
    • Monday: Math
    • Tuesday: Science
    • Wednesday: Fine Art
    • Thursday: Dramatic Art
    • Friday: Islamic manners
    • Saturday: Share breakfast in bed or outdoors
    • Sunday: Prepare breakfast together
  • Culinary Arts Vocabulary:
    • (1-4): (1)Apple, banana, corn; (2)bread, cake, pineapple, orange, (3)water, milk, butter, (4)Recipe
  • AM Session: (A morning ’round table’ for the practice of vocabulary and concepts, exercise, and daily themes/focus. Learn and say in all languages: 两只老虎 Español (le) français русский العَرَبِيَّة ASL.)
    • Day of the Week Greetings: Hello, Good Morning, How are you? Today is:
    • Question/Answer: What color is the sky? The sky is blue.
    • Song: Memorize a simple song in each language.
    • Science/Math/Art Vocabulary: (Color, shape, and numbers): Blue, circle; 0,1,2,3
    • Story time and reading & writing:
      • Practice reading and writing the Arabic, English and/or home language alphabet, and simple, common words.
      • Practice reciting the alphabet of all the languages (Mandarin: pinyin and tones pronunciation)
      • Read aloud 1-3 books or pages from science/nonfiction/educational books
    • Social Emotional Skill of the Day:
      • Monday: Sharing
      • Tuesday: Good manners
      • Wednesday: Self awareness
      • Thursday Awareness outside of self
      • Friday: Listening/paying attention
    • Safety Skill of the Day:
      • Monday: Location of self/directions
      • Tuesday: Directions
      • Wednesday: Relation of space to time
      • Thursday: Memorize phone numbers/addresses, and routines for emergency situations
      • Friday: Learn how to tell time using the sun, and navigate the stars
    • Animal Vocabulary
      • (1-4): (1)Lion; (2)Ape, Bat; (3)Bear, Bird; (4)Ant, Spider
    • Physical Education
      • Monday: Martial Arts
      • Tuesday: Gymnastics
      • Wednesday: Dance/Fitness
      • Thursday: Games
      • Friday: Fitness
      • Saturday/Sunday: Sports skills
  • AM Daily Lesson
    • Monday Math(1-4): (1)Counting; (2)Shapes, descriptions, colors; (3)Patterns and observational skills; (4)Addition, subtraction
    • Tuesday Science: Freestyle Hypothesize, predict, observe, question, test, interpret, and share.
    • Wednesday Art (1-4): (1)Chalk; (2)clay; (3)paint; (4)draw
    • Thursday Dramatic Arts (1-4): (1)Imagination (Puppets, props, etc.); (2)Comedy/Drama Acting games (Slate shot/intro video) (Tongue twisters, scrunch up face/relax face, mirror game, rainstorm); (3)Short video/memorization; (4)Write a script/produce a skit
    • Friday Technology (1-4): (1)Educational apps/games/websites/digital media; (2)Experiment with electricity and/or magnetism; (3)Explore and learn about a machine/electronics (old phone, printer, etc); (4)Use digital camera nature walk/scavenger hunt
    • Saturday Home Skills (1-4): (1)Kitchen/Living Room chores (sweep, wipe surfaces); (2)Bathroom Clean; (3)Bedroom Clean (Sort laundry, wipe surface, clean sheets/make bed); (4)Yard work, garden, garage
    • Sunday Culinary (1-4): (1)Explore kitchen tools, set the table, measure, mix, separate, pour; (2)Cook/prepare with intention; (3)Assemble recipe puzzle (steps); (4)Make cooking video and/or create your own recipe
  • Lunch/Nap time Cinema: Watch videos related to today’s topics
  • Scientific Afternoon Wind Down Round table (Mon-Fri):
    • The Human, Anatomy, and Person:
      • Basic body parts (head, shoulders, knees & toes) and clothes (hat, shirt, pants, shoes)
      • The human skeleton (names of bones, purpose, and observations of own skeleton’s mechanics)
      • Person: (1)Self; (2)Family; (3)Social constructs; (4)Story-making with learned vocabulary
      • Compare and contrast to other animals’ personalities/features/bodies/skeletons. (Also consider plant and nonliving (building, car/vehicle) bodies/skeletons)
    • Elements of Nature :
      • Monday: Space
      • Tuesday: Earth
      • Wednesday: Water
      • Thursday: Air
      • Friday: Fire
    • Natural Science Concepts
      • Monday(1-4): (1)Moon; (2)sun, (3)precipitation/clouds, (4)rainbow
      • Tuesday(1-4): (1)Lithosphere, (2)Hydrosphere, (3)Atmosphere, (4)Biosphere
      • Wednesday(1-4): (1)Night/dark, (2)sunrise, (3)sunset, (4)light
      • Thursday(1-4): (1)Seed, (2)seedling, (3)sapling, (4)tree/plant
      • Friday(1-4): (1)Terrestrial Ecosystems, (2)Freshwater Ecosystems, (3)Marine Ecosystems, (4)Local Ecosystem
  • PM Daily Lesson
    • Wednesday: Engineering
      • Freestyle build with sticks, cardboard, blocks, marble runs, sand, Lego, etc
    • Thursday: Sensory Experiences
      1. Sight (Sight experiment)
      2. Sound (Blindfold, follow my voice)
      3. Touch/Movement
      4. Taste and Smell
    • Friday: Arabic Language Intensive
  • PM Dinner Prep/Table topic:
    • Topics to discuss while preparing and or sitting down for dinner
      • Monday: Social Science
      • Tuesday: Science
      • Wednesday: Sensory Experiences
      • Thursday: Engineering
      • Friday: Physical Sciences
  • Islamic Lesson and Arabic reading & writing lesson (Briefly repeat morning lesson or vary slightly.)