Mercredi (Wednesday)

Daily Schedule
Early AMIslamic Lesson: Character/ Etiquette/ Habits
Reading & Writing: Arabic/ English/ French
Physical Education: Dance/Fitness
Animal of the day:
Week 1: lion
Week 2: ape, bat
Week 3: bird, bear
Week 4: ant, spider
Breakfast prep and focusCulinary Arts:
Week 1: Apple, banana, corn
Week 2: Bread, cake, pineapple, orange
Week 3: Water, milk, butter
Week 4: Pancake Recipe
in the
(Vocabulary and concepts)
Greetings: Français
Question/Answer: What color is the sky? The sky is blue.
Math: blue, circle; 0,1,2,3, (1-10)
Song: Un éléphant qui se balançait
Safety skill: Time and place
Social/emotional skill:
Awareness of others
AM Lesson
Freestyle, try different medias:
Week 1: Chalk
Week 2: Clay
Week 3: Paint
Week 4: Pencil/pen/marker/crayon
PM Round table (Vocabulary and concepts)Human: body parts; clothing;
Anatomy: skeleton;
Week 1: Self
Week 2: Family
Week 3: Social constructs
Week 4: Story-making with learned vocabulary
Natural Science:
Week 1: Night/Dark
Week 2: Sunrise
Week 3: Sunset
Week 4: Light
Element: Fire
PM LessonEngineering: Build with blocks, marble runs, sand, etc
Dinner FocusEngineering Focus
PM StorytimeLanguage: French, Arabic, English
Story: Les Trois Petits Cochons