ASL Saturday and Sunday

Module 1

Daily Schedule
Early AMIslamic Lesson:
Saturday: Dua Memorization;
Sunday: Stories of the prophets (peace be upon them all)
Reading & Writing: ASL
Physical Education: Sports skills
Animal of the day:
Week 1: lion
Week 2: ape, bat
Week 3: bird, bear
Week 4: ant, spider
Breakfast prep and focusCulinary Arts Focus:
Saturday: Share breakfast in bed or outdoors
Sunday: Prepare breakfast together

Culinary Arts:
Week 1: Apple, banana, corn
Week 2: Bread, cake, pineapple, orange
Week 3: Water, milk, butter
Week 4: Pancake Recipe
in the
(Vocabulary and concepts)
Greetings: ASL
Question/Answer: What color is the sky? The sky is blue.
Math: blue, circle; 0,1,2,3, (1-10)
Song:Baby Shark (ASL)
AM Lesson
Saturday: Home Skills
Week 1: Kitchen/Living Room chores (sweep, wipe surfaces)
Week 2: Bathroom Clean
Week 3: Bedroom Clean (Sort laundry, wipe surface, clean sheets/make bed)
Week 4: Yard work, garden, garage

Sunday: Culinary Arts
Week 1: Explore kitchen tools, set the table, measure, mix, separate, pour
Week 2: Cook/prepare with intention
Week 3: Assemble recipe puzzle (steps)
Week 4: Make cooking video (Create your own recipe)
PM StorytimeLanguage: ASL, Arabic, English
Story: The Three Little Pigs