Islamic PreSchool

BismAllah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

In shāʾa llāh the first lesson takes place upon waking and the second more formally soon after Fajr prayer.:

In shāʾa llāh, first, the teacher models submission upon wake up with dua, Quran reading/reciting, dikhr, suhoor for fasting preparation on days when permissible and recommended, and prompt/full attention to ablution, Fajr & Sunnah prayers and actions. As the day progresses, the teacher continues to worship Allah with istaghfir, humility, gratitude, and submission while attending wholly to the requirements and recommendations of the deen. Together with the student; humbly seek knowledge by way of hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, touching, thinking, and communicating the bounties of Allah SWT every day until the nightly ‘little death’. In shāʾa llāh. At bedtime, again turn to Allah for protection, He is Al Muhaymin, The Protector. SubhanAllah.

In shāʾa llāh, second, the teacher introduces the daily Islamic subject. Throughout the day, it is integrated into conversations and activities. It is revisited again shortly before sleep. Continue to recollect throughout the week, replacing the topics the following week and every week thereafter In shāʾa llāh. The study of the Arabic language in the context of the Quran should also be a constant in your day, learning whenever possible.:

Islamic Studies Daily Subject

May Allah open our doors, and keep us on the straight path. Amen. Jazaakumullaahu khayr.