Islamic Studies

In shāʾa llāh the first lesson takes place upon waking and the second more formally, soon after Fajr prayer.: First: The teacher models submission upon wake up with dua, Quran reading/reciting, dikhr, suhoor for fasting preparation on days when permissible […]


Here, we start with the ABC’s or square one. Edugate invites the student/teacher to start from this point and together remain on a path of learning and experiencing the world from the eyes of a brand new person. At Edugate […]

Bismillah بسم الله

Edugate offers a free, home school curriculum for seekers of knowledge. Intended for all ages, the curriculum is divided into two main components; Islamic Studies and School (knowledge required by the community). Free content is provided for the teacher (adults/caregivers) and the student (children). Essentially, both components act as a a minimal, yet comprehensive guide for teachers to build a world with their students that is delightful and enlightening.

As a framework for engaging rich conversations and experiences, the program is to be used at one’s own pace and discretion and can be delivered in any style and alongside any curriculum, as it is integrated into a family’s daily routine.

Islamic Studies provides the foundation for transmitting the proper Islamic knowledge to both teacher and student. At the trunk of Islamic school is tawheed (oneness of Allah(SWT))and the branches are the pillars of Islam and the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

School offers daily lessons/content in math, science, arts, technology, engineering, physical fitness, reading/writing, language arts, asocial/emotional, safety, culinary, and home skills. The curriculum offers a survey of seven languages to give the student an eye and/or ear for language acquisition. There is a primary emphasis on Arabic language learning to support Islamic studies.

The ultimate objective of Edugate is for everyone involved to be ever thankful to our Almighty Creator Allah SWT. We ask Allah to increase us all in knowledge and to bring us ever closer to Him. We seek His guidance through Him alone.

In shāʾa llāh let’s dive in and take an awe inspiring, lifelong journey of appreciation and true joy. Allah SWT loves us, and His love is the best kind. Let us surrender to Him (Al Wadud The Most Loving) and may He guide us to and keep us steadfast on the straight path. May we take every opportunity to serve our Beloved (Al Wadud).

Let begin as we always begin, In the name of Allah (the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious):

بسم الله

Our first lesson are the ABC’s and the 123‘s. You are in the captain’s seat. Welcome to the Edugate.

الله أكبر