Martes (Tuesday)

Sample ScheduleDaily Schedule (–Suggested time)
6:45 AMBreakfast — 30 minutes
7:30 AMIslamic Lesson — 15 minutes
8:00 AMAM Warm-Up — 20 minutes
8:30 AMPhysical Education30-60 minutes (Revisit in the PM for total of at least 60 minutes daily of physical activity.)
9:30 AMLanguage Arts — 20 minutes
10 AMAM Lesson: Science15-60 minutes
11 AMLunch 30-60 minutes (Student also reads or watches educational videos)
12 PMP.M. Wind Down20 minutes – 1 hour
1 PM or 4 PMPM Lesson: Natural Science (– 15 minutes – 1 hour)
6 PMDinner — 60 minutes
8 PMIslamic Lesson (Review/repeat/practice) — 15 minutes
Science Websites, Articles, Printable, and Activities
Printable: Human Skeleton
Weekly Lesson Schedule: Introduction to Zoology
Website: Universe
Article: Where does Interstellar space begin?
Website: Gallery of space images
Interactive: Mindy’s Constellation Exploration | Ready Jet Go!
Printable: Space Coloring pages
Article: The Search at Edge of the Solar System
Interactive: SkyMap; Night Sky
Website: Dark Site Finder
Interactive: Earth’s Moon
Activity: Why are there craters on the moon?
Website: Moon Phases
Website: Moonrise and moonset
Website: NASA Space Place: The Sun
Website: Clouds and Weather (PBS)
Article (Teacher/Student): Rainbows Are Circular
Activity: Rainbow (Dot) Painting
Printable: Rainbow and Rain
Activity: The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Its Life Cycle
Website: Ocean Through Time
Article: Ideas for exploring growth/change with preschooler.
Interactive: Google Earth
Website: Google Earth Voyager
Website: Night Sky Planner (Map)
Activity/article: nature tray
Interactive: Seed Racer
Activity: seed book
Definition: Seedling
Article: What is Photosynthesis
Website: Vegetable Seedling Identification
Definition: Sapling
Article: Plant a tree
Definition: Sapling
Activity: Plant a tree
Interactive: What Tree Is That?
Activity: Nature Journal
Article: How to Identify a Tree by Its Bark
Activity: NATURE At-Home Activities: Super Senses
Interactive: PlantSnap
Article: Simple Machines
Article: Earth Sciences: Types of Landforms
Printout: The Layers of the Earth
Article (Teacher): Intro to biogeochemical cycles
Article (Student): Ocean Energy
Activities: Ocean Ecology
Activity: Salt Water Experiment
Video: Earthquakes
Video: Reading Rainbow (Magic School bus: Inside the Earth)
Website: National Weather Service
Website: World weather
Website: The daily weather
Interactive: Comets (NASA)
Article: Where do animals live?
Interactive: Earth’s Structure
Interactive: American Museum of Natural History
Interactive: Marine biology 
Article: Endemic Animals Around the World
Printable: Zoological Society of Milwaukee Coloring Sheets
Printable: Vertebrates and Invertebrates
Interactive: What is a vertebrate?
Article: Animal Anatomy
Article: Basic Types of Animals and Their Characteristics
Interactive: food chain
Article: Food chains & food webs
Printable: Dinosaurs
Article: Chemical Elements in the Human Body
Article: Fire Facts for Kids