Character/ Etiquette/ Habits

Week 1Allah Consciousness
Vocabularyتوحيد (Tawheed-oneness of Allah); تقوى‎ (Taqwa-piety)
QuranSurah Al-Ikhlas – 112; 2:255
HadithSunan Ibn Majah » Etiquette – كتاب الأدب » Hadith 3800
Website (Student)Dhikr facts for kids
Video (Teacher)33 Benefits of Allah’s Remembrance
Video (Student)How much does Allah love you? Noor Kids
Video (Teacher)Mufti Menk – Taqwa (Consciousness of Allah)
Video (Teacher)Tawheed for Kids series – Vol 1 – The Creator
Website (Student)Taqwa: Stories for Muslim Children
Activity/PrintoutTaqwa Curriculum
ActivityTawheed project for kids
Week 2
QuranSurah:5(al-Ma’idah) Verse:6
VocabularyDua To Say After Completing Wudu (free printable)
Website (Student)Wudu for children
Website (Teacher)Wudu in 10 Simple Steps!
Video (Student)How to make Wudu (Zaky)
Video (Student)Ep 2 – Allah Loves Cleanliness
Video (Student)Kids Wudu Nasheed
Video (Teacher)Wudu (Cleansing) – Hamza Yusuf
Video (Teacher)الذكر قبل الوضوء و الذكر بعد الفراغ من الوضوء (Dikhr before and after wudu)
Games/AppsAndroid: Kids Wudu Series; Apple:
Search Engine QueryWhat are the benefits of cleansing oneself?
What does purify mean?
What are the best hand washing tips/steps?
What are the steps of the Islamic ritual wudu?
Why do Muslims perform wudu?
How do other animals keep clean?
How can we keep the earth clean?
ActivityArrange Wudu steps
PrintoutWudu Helper (PDF)
Video (Teacher)Simplest way to Jannah 
Sunnah literally means a road, path, or practice.
Week 3
Muhammad (SAW) Habits
HadithRighteousness is in Good Character
VocabularySunnah: سنة; ‎Hadith (A’Hadith(pl)); Isnad’; Mat’n
Website/VideoThe Sunnah way to Eat
Video (Teacher)The Importance of Sunnah in Islam
Website/VideoWho was Muhammad (SAW)
Article (Teacher)Ecological Advice from Prophet Muhammad
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Games (Imagination/Play)
Week 4Giving/Charity
Website (Student)
Video (Teacher)
Video (Student)
Video (Student)
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