Recess/Gym Class

Before we begin we say بسم الله (BismAllah). We thank Allah SWT for the following and more x infinity; the heart and the blood pumping, the lungs inhaling and extracting, air, water, carbon dioxide, legs jumping, arms waving, bellies bouncing, feet dancing, brains resting…

Objective: Teacher(s) and student(s) improve physical fitness and undertake physically demanding tasks and challenges. Learn how to fall, remain calm and safe, hold focus, be brave, have courage, know discipline, hone in on the body’s senses and abilities, all while showing deep respect for the earth and animal kind.

Monday: Math & Martial Arts

Mop on, mop off.

Examples of activities: Keep a ball or balloon in the air together for as long as possible, undergo balance challenges and hold poses, chalk shapes to jump to/from
Try it out:
Week 1: Karate or Kung Fu 
Week 2: Tai Chi
Week 3: Kendo or Monkey Stick or Bo Staff 
Week 4: Tae Kwon Do

Tuesday: Science and Gymnastics

Routine: Balance Beams, bolsters, cushions (run, jump, roll, crawl through, under, over, stretch, sing warm up songs, free play, blow bubbles, earn stamps/stickers). Do science experiments that measure distance and speed. What scientific principles are in play today? What muscles are we using and how are they working together? What can we do with our bodies?

Try it out:

Week 1: Forward Roll
Week 2: Backwards Roll
Week 3: Cartwheel
Week 4: Handstand

Wednesday: Art, Engineering, and Dance/Fitness

Thursday: Dramatic Arts and Games

Friday: Technology and Fitness

Saturday/Sunday: Sports skills