Exercise Breaks

Objective: Teacher(s) and student(s) improve physical fitness and undertake physically demanding tasks and challenges. Learn how to fall, remain calm and safe, hold focus, be brave, have courage, know discipline, hone in on the body’s senses and abilities, all while showing deep respect for the earth and animal kind. Everyday work on physical and mental fitness; simply go for a walk or get a little creative…

Monday: Math & Martial Arts

Mop on, mop off.

AM Routine: Play simple games that require both math and movement. (See Math for ideas.)
PM Routine:
Try it out: (Martial Arts)
Week 1: Karate or Kung Fu 
Week 2: Tai Chi
Week 3: Kendo or Bo Staff 
Week 4: Tae Kwon Do

Article (Teacher): 7 Lessons Kids Learn from Martial Arts

Tuesday: Gymnastics and Science

AM Routine(Gymnastics):
1. Warm up stretching and active songs
2. Practice crossing a balance beam like structure, undergo balance challenges and hold poses
3. Run, jump, roll, crawl through, under, and over; cushions, blankets, chairs, boxes, etc or go outside and do the same on logs, hills, and tree stumps.
4. Free play, blow bubbles, earn stamps/stickers in a progress log.

Try it out
Week 1: Forward Roll
Week 2: Backwards Roll
Week 3: Cartwheel
Week 4: Handstand

PM Routine (Science):
Week 1: Do science experiments that measure distance, height, and speed.
Week 2: What scientific principles are in play today?
Week 3: What muscles are we using and how are they working together?
Week 4: What can we do with our bodies?

Wednesday: Art and Dance/Fitness

AM Routine (Dance/Fitness):
Try it out (Fitness):
Week 1 (Student): 8-Minute HIIT fitness class for kids
Week 1 (Teacher): 15 Minute HIIT Workout

Week 2 (Student): Animal Tabata Workout For Kids
Avengers’ Kid’s Workout
Week 2 (Teacher): 20 Minute Beginner Tabata Workout

Week 3: Panu’s at home workouts – 30 minute family fitness

Week 4: 15-minute Family Fat Burn! 

PM Routine (Art/Creativity):
Set up obstacle courses and challenges that incorporate art activities, colors, shapes, and completed art projects.
Article (Teacher): 49 fun physical activities to do with kids aged 2 to 4

Thursday: Dramatic Arts and Games

AM Routine (Dramatic Arts):
Engage imaginations:
Act like animals
Be the water cycle
Act like an item of food from farm to table
Balance items on trays and act like a server, or stack and mix like a short order cook
Be an airplane, a submarine, or a school bus…

PM Routine (Games and Sensory):
Play improvisational games withe exercises
Article (Teacher): Fun Improv Games and Exercises for Kids
Play simple games that you make up together, particularly using the senses in different ways than usual (Example: Use a blindfold to hone the sense of hearing)

Friday: Technology and Fitness
AM Routine( Fitness):
Take turns leading your own fitness classes

PM Routine (Technology):
Incorporate technology into your activities:

  • Week 1: Make short videos to show how to run, jump rope, forward roll, etc. Redo the videos next month and compare to see how you have improved
  • Week 2: Embrace tools such as a digital stopwatches and jump ropes, fitness trackers, apps, games, and videos that that encourage movement, healthy habits, and schedules
  • Week 3: Play games with technology like beat the remote control car to the finish (Take turns)
  • Week 4: Learn coding concepts and make up physical activities (without a computer) that help you practice and learn

Saturday/Sunday: Sports skills

AM Routine:
Focus on improving speed, agility, balance, hand/eye coordination, teamwork, resilience, and character without equipment

PM Routine:
Try out equipment as available to you: Bats, rackets, bicycles, scooters, jump ropes. balls, pins, cones