Monday Mealtime

Daily Breakfast Focus: Math: Count, classify, add, subtract
Lunchtime Cinema
Daily Dinner Focus: Social Sciences (See weekly for topics)

Week 1:
Breakfast: Counting
How many bites to finish the banana/apple/food?
How many ingredients are we using today?
: History (Make sense of time)
What did we do today?
What was the best part of the day?
What will we do after dinner?

Week 2:
Breakfast: Shapes, descriptions, colors
Cut hard boiled egg/food in half and a second one 1/2 different direction.
What are the shapes/colors on the table today?
: Economics (money)
What would you like to do for someone else if you had a lot of money?

Week 3:
Breakfast: Patterns and observational skills
Go over the steps for preparing breakfast.
Make patterns with the food on the plate.
Eat food in different patterns. (Ex: Take a bite of bread, egg, fruit, sip of milk, repeat.)
: Sociology
Who helped get the food here?

Week 4:
Breakfast: Addition, subtraction
Add and subtract ingredients/steps/utensils/dishes
: Geography
Where did tonight’s food come from?