Objective: Begin to understand where you and others are located in the universe.

  1. Map a birdseye layout of the home out of chalk or markers. Count the windows, doors, lights, beds…in the house. Go on a treasure hunt leaving clues to the next location, end the hunt with a hat or badge as the treasure.
  2. Explore your neighborhood. Draw a map of it or model it out of blocks. Walk in it, describe it, and think about it.
    • Wheres the nearest firehouse, police station, library, park, grocery store, hike?
  3. Study the streets of your location on an interactive map. Zoom in and out to see your home in relation to your neighborhood, city, state, country, province timezone, continent, planet, solar system, galaxy, and universe.
  4. Draw or paint a treasure map together. Or find any map and pretend it is a treasure map. Follow it and find the treasure after going through 3-5 obstacles. Once you have found the treasure celebrate with a dance or sing-along. Repeat.
Take a walk and check mark the things you see on the walk. Take the same list on a walk at a different time of day. Do you see the same things?
Where may I find the nearest lumber yard?
Oh where may I find its forest from where it takes its trees?
Where do the roads lead you? What places are accessible to us and others?
Where are your points of interest? How do we get there?
Cites, countries, continents, and capitols…
How do we get to the beach?
Left at Milky Way Point, right at crescent lane, across from the supermarket, West on the interstate until you are there! Hooray!
The beach.
Past the beach and into the sea…
And out of the sea and into the sky.
Way up high.
For a bird’s eye.
Back on the ground and round and round.
Safe and sound.