Shapes, descriptions, colors

Objectives: Identify shapes and colors. Compare and categorize. Observe and describe using shape, color, and other mathematical descriptors/adjectives.

1. Play games and activities with shapes

Draw large shapes with chalk and correctly place the corresponding block shapes.
  1. Draw a wheel of shapes.
  2. Draw corresponding larger shapes.
  3. Take turns throwing a rock on to the wheel.
  4. When the rock lands on a shape, the person must run to the corresponding larger shape before the other person does.
As an alternative, you can try and beat a remote control car to the shape.
Free play. Find all the spheres, cubes, squiggles, etc.

2. Go shape and color hunting around the house.

3. Find the shapes and colors in your food.

3. Mix and play with colors and paint/draw shapes. Also experiment with randomness.

4. Observe: Small, medium, large. Big, bigger, biggest…

5. Observe colors and shapes outside and in nature.

What colors and shapes make up this lump of sand? Let’s take a closer look…
What about this shiny, crispy leaf?

6. Purposely use shapes to make pictures and sculptures.