A Tree and Me

Week 1

Observation: Point out the seeds in your food throughout the day

Activity: Discover seeds in nature (Collect for an ongoing nature tray)
Activity: Make a seed book
Activity: Plant something from seed and watch it grow

Read aloud: The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

Video: Seeds
Video: How to Plant a Seed
Video: Seed Germination

Interactive: Seed Racer

Week 2

Definition: Seedling

Video: What Is Germination? 
Video: How Does A Seed Become A Plant
Video: Photosynthesis From Space

Article/Video: What is PhotosynthesisSun
Video: The Sun
Video: All About the

Week 3

Definition: Sapling

Critical Thinking: A sapling is a young plant, what are names for different young animals?

Video (Teacher):
How to grow a forest in your backyard

Activity: Plant a tree
Activity: Observe saplings in nature

Week 4

App: PlantSnap

Video: How to Identify a Tree
Video: Parts of the plant and photosynthesis 
Video: Why Do We Need Trees?
Video: Life Cycle of a Tree
Video: Time Lapse of Strawberry Plant

Article: How to Identify a Tree by Its Bark
Activity: Nature Journal

Website: What Tree Is That?

Read aloud: A Tree is a Plant
Read aloud: A Tree Is Nice