Earth and Space

Objective: Explore the fascinating worlds of geology, oceans, meteorology, and astronomy. Choose one or more topics from each of the four fields. Use each as a jumping off point for deepening our understanding of earth and space.

  1. Geology: Explore rocks with touch, eyes, and ears. Collect rocks and make up activities with them. (Ex: Put them in a box and call out a description; smooth, jagged, light, etc, and pull out all rocks that fit that description.) Research one or more of the following:
Play a nonsensical game with rocks
If every day of the week was a rock, what does today look like?

2. Ocean: Study the earth’s diverse marine environments. Look at the globe and choose an ocean to focus on.  Discuss and explore one or more of the following concepts:

3. Meteorology: Understand earth’s weather.

4. Astronomy: Check out the sky today and tonight, compare the differences. Direct the focus on one or more the following topics :