Life Skills

Objective: Communicate, interact, and comprehend efficiently and effectively. Handle emotions with care. Distinguish want from need. Attend to the needs of yourself and others with intention, kindness, and patience.

SkillWork on sharing together. First and foremost, the teacher models good sharing practices.
Getting Preschoolers to Share…How Do You Do It?
11 Ways to Teach Your Child to Share
Teaching Kids To Share
book (Student)
Should I Share My Ice Cream by Mo Willems Read Aloud an Elephant and Piggie Book
My Turn, Your Turn: A Story About Sharing (Bright Start)
SkillLearn proper manners and etiquette based on how you want you and your family to act. Reward and make light of things, as with all skills we are working on, patience is at the heart. Model those good manners!
Video (Student)Good manners
ActivityMake a posters with all the good manners to follow at mealtime, when having guests, and in general. Alternatively, write bad manners on the backside and preferably make them funny as a fun exercise.
SkillAwareness of others’ feelings. Teacher, regularly get in the shoes of your student. Come to their level, see their world from their eyes. Model empathetic behavior and genuinely care for others around you. Want for others what you want for yourself, truly. Naturally, the student may follow suit.
Video (Student)R.I.S.E. Song: Respect, Integrity, Safety, Empathy
Read aloud bookChrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes
The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig
SkillSelf awareness: Handling anger. Teacher, respond to others in a beautiful way. Do not let yourself get rattled. Control your anger. If it is not something that benefits you let it go. Do not let anyone or anything control your inner world. Today is the perfect day to practice, no matter what hold back. Let it go. Rise above. Respond with kindness. Shake it up, change the game. Forgive and be humble.
Video (Student)Anger Management for Kids!
Article (Teacher)PARENTS ANGER: Turning Down the Heat in Your Home
Read aloud bookWhen Sophie Gets Angry – Really, Really Angry…
I Was So Mad by Mercer Mayer
SkillListening/paying attention. Teacher has had more practice with listening so can model the important skill. Listen to the world around you, engage in less chatter and open your mind. Really listen; can you hear you heart beating, your lungs expanding and contracting, the shadows retreating across the land? Can you hear the movement of earth’s creatures and the buzzing of the bee?
Video (Student)Listening Power