Wednesday Mealtime

Daily Breakfast Focus: Arts

Daily Dinner Prep/Clean up Conversations: Engineering

Culinary Arts Vocabulary: French

Week 1: Vocabulary
Teacher, embrace the art of preparing, cooking, serving, and cleaning up.
While preparing dinner, Teacher asks student and consider together, what engineering feats are at play in the appliances used for dinner prep tonight?

Week 2: Vocabulary
Teacher and student prepare breakfast for the house together.
Notice the beauty and variety of the food available to us.
While washing dishes/cleaning up, consult the internet with various engineering questions, for example:
What makes bridges strong?
How does a lightbulb work?
What is engineering and what are its branches?
Can I be a space engineer and build a house on the moon?…

Week 3: Vocabulary
Teacher, turn your breakfast prep into a bit of a dance, taking a mental note of the steps you are taking and how you move around the kitchen to complete the task. Sing if you are feeling it.
While cleaning up dinner together, ponder: Inventions, designs, and structures that make up the world;
the past, and how we got to where we are today; ideas for inventions, designs, and buildings of the future.

Week 4: Vocabulary
Breakfast or Dinner:
Together, make pancakes or another recipe of choice.