Language Arts

Week 1: Study, Write, and Speak the Alphabets of Various Languages

Example:SongSongIn Depth
WEDLe français
Le français
Le français

Week 2: Read: Fiction Story Time and Literature

  1. Consider a literary quote: “To be, or not to be” – William Shakespeare
  2. Compare and contrast a well known fable or story: The Three Little Pigs (Various languages/renditions.)
  3. Enjoy reading together: Story time (Read Aloud Videos)
  4. Practice reading words and stories in various languages

Week 3: Research: Nonfiction and Other Sources

  1. Generally, gather various information and read
  2. Search for books and articles about topics of choice and read
  3. Ask family members to share stories from their lives and share your stories
  4. Prepare a little report on an important topic of choice and share

Week 4: Write

  1. The alphabets
  2. Vocabulary from various languages
  3. Sentences from various languages
  4. Together, write stories and books

The Thief

How to: This book project is done by first collecting vocabulary words. Second, the student puts them in order to tell a story. The teacher helps type it up and if possible illustrates. The teacher also helps with the ending, pulling a lesson from it if possible. For example in this book, the lesson is that the thief never stole again. Also, the teach includes a page at the end with all the vocabulary words, separating into nouns, verbs, adjectives, and others like opposites. This particular project is best done when the student is beginning to learn to read. Replicate and modify the project as the student becomes more skilled and capable of completing the book independently. The finished product is a book to practice with and read to others.