Safety Skills

Objective: Deeply understand one’s location in the world. Act in the best manner possible when facing challenges presented by the world.


Task: Determine your relational location in the world.
Teacher: Constantly converse about where you are in relation to where you are going and where you have been.
“We are driving down Sugar Lane coming from 123 Elm Street, and will turn right at Beeker Street. Which direction do you think we turn once we get to the next intersection?”

“I am heading downstairs from the bedroom to the kitchen that faces the backyard on a hill which overlooks the busy street below.”

“We are walking West, toward the ocean, North of us are the mountainsthat extend to the East, where the sun rises.” Where do you think the sun sets?

“We are passing the police station, did you notice the fire station that came before on the opposite side of the street? What other municipal buildings are just up ahead?”
Student: Draw your own treasure maps, build block roads/cities, and give/receive directions around the house/yard, however nonsensical they may be. No corrections here, give student as much freedom as possible.


Task: Understand directions, learn to read maps, and make the connection between the earth and maps/directions.
Teacher: Know what direction you are pointed at all times today, share with student
Printout: Cardinal Directions and Map
Song: The Directions Song
Website: Tunnel to the other side of the world


Task: Consider time and the 5 W’s. Think about how they help to explain the things that are happening around us. Use the growing knowledge to improve communication and problem solving skills.
Teacher: Explain Where, whom, when, what, and why in relation to time (morning, afternoon, night)
Video: The fundamentals of space-time: Part 1 ; Understanding Time Zones
Videos: The 5 W’s of a News Story ; The Five W’s Song


Task: Survival Planning
Teacher: Draw up plans and practice routines for emergency situations. Stock and check emergency supplies.
Video: 3 Easy Steps To Prepare For An Emergency
Activity: Memorize phone numbers/names/addresses
Video: Prepare a Family Emergency Plan | Disasters


Task: Learn how to tell time using the sun and navigate the stars.
Article: How to navigate using the Stars
Article: Navigating by the Stars
Video: Find North with the Stars – Polaris & Ursa Major – Celestial Navigation
Activity: Sundial
Article: How to Tell Time Without a Clock
Article: Telling Time With the Sun
Video: How to tell the time using the sun I The Sun Part One