Research and record an invention from the past or present in your design journal.
(Islamic studies: Research an invention achieved in the Islamic golden age.)


Hands On Science and Technology activities:
Week 1: Educational apps/games/websites/digital media
Week 2: Experiment with electricity and/or magnetism
Week 3: Explore and learn about a machine/electronics (old phone, printer, etc)
Week 4: Use digital camera nature walk/scavenger hunt


Design and journal an invention that you come up with
Do this each week and after a few months build a 3d model of your favorite invention and present it to your friends and family in a video


Learn coding
Work through to understand the following terms (Teacher article: 5 Basic Coding Concepts for Kids)
Week 1: Looping
Week 2: Sequencing
Week 3: Branching
Week 4: Selection
Week 5: Syntax
Week 6: Do a computer free coding activity (Teacher Article: Coding Activities for Kids)
Week 7: Do a computer coding activity: (Student-ages 5-7-Interactive/app: Scratch Jr ; ages 8-16: Scratch)
Beyond: Alternate between weeks 6 and 7, additionally review basic concepts and do further studies into coding (Student AV: Coding for Kids)


Practice keyboarding (Arabic and English)
Arabic keyboard (printable)
Typing games/apps (Teacher article: 19 Free Typing Games Online: Best Typing Programs for Kids To Learn At Home)