The Morning Light & Still Night

Week 1

Video: How do animals see in the dark?
Video: Top 10 Night Vision Animals
Video: Octonauts – The Midnight Zone |
Video: Day and Night
Video: Why Do We Sleep?
Video: What is a Black Hole?
Video: Why There Is Light on Earth But Not in Space
Read aloud: The House in the Night
Observe: Look at crayons in the light and again in the dark and try to guess their colors.

Week 2

Craft: Telling Time Printables – Sunrise to Sunset Clocks
Video: Joshua Tree Sunset to Moon Rise to Sunrise Time-Lapse
Video: Planet Earth – Sunrise Series
Song: Sunrise, Sunset kids song
Craft: Draw the sunrise
Observation: Watch the sunrise

Week 3

Craft: African Sunset Shadow Tracing Art
Video: Why is a sunset or sunrise never blue or green?
Article: Sunset facts for kids
Read aloud: Next Time You See a Sunset
Observe: Go for a walk during sunset and notice the colors of the flora and fauna and other objects on your walk

Week 4

Book: Light and Shadow
Activities/Basic Concepts: Light Science for Kids
Read aloud: Goodnight Moon (Notice how light changes as book progresses)
Video: Light-Dr Bionics
Video: This is not a rainbow
Website: ScienceWiz Portal to Discovery